Sunday, 22 April 2007

3 pts MSV DUISBURG - 1.5 & - 2 Asian Handicap Evens ( Generally available) v Eintracht Braunchsweig Bundesliga 2

The class difference between these two sides is mammouth. Braunchsweigh will be in the Regional divisions next season. They are absolutely appalling on their travels, picking up a mere 4 points in 14 matches, losing ten of them, and seven by a margin of at least two. Duisburg's home form could be a shade better for a team lying in third, but having that final promotion position threatened by a que of three close behind. It will be a surprise if they fail to complete today's task by a comfortable margin.

Duisburg 0 Braunschweig 0 - 3pts

3 pts OVER 2.5 GOALS 0.97/1 ( Generally available) Wacker Burghausen v FC Augsburg Bundesliga 2

An interesting Bavarian Derby. Burghausen are putting in a commendable effort to avoid Regional Southern football next season, something that appeared to be a foregone conclusion not so long ago. Augsburg have blown their chance of getting into the mix of the promotion fight. The 15 points they have over todays rivals is probably a fair reflection of their superiority, but for obvious reasons this should be a closely fought game. Both teams have 7 overs in their last ten games, and while the overs/unders can sometimes be too much of a lottery, highly dependant on what happens in the early stages, this game should produce plenty of goals.

Burghausen 0 Augsburg 2 - 3 pts

3 pts HANNOVER 96 - 0.5 & - 1 Asian Handicap 1.1/1 ( Generally Available) v Borussia Monchengladbach Bundesliga 1

Hannover were playing some fine football at one stage during the season, and no one would have envisaged a couple of months back that they would freefall into a position 2 pts above the relegation zone. They haven't won in their last six but they have had some tough opponents to face, including Stuttgart, Bayern and the SO4. Today's rivals are all but down, and deservedly so on the face of their away form, losing 12 from 15 on the road and picking up just five points. The home side are confidently expected to gain the much needed maximum points here, but we have to go to the Asians as there as been a big plunge on them in the win only market and the 0.9/1 has gone well over the horizon.

Hannover 1 Monchengladbach 0 + 1.65 pts