Saturday, 10 March 2007

3 pts OVER 2.5 GOALS 0.88/1 ( Betfair) Energie Cottbus v Alemannia Aachen Bundesliga 1

Only a point divides 11th place Cottbus and 14th place Aachen. The home side are the only eastern side presently in Bundesliga 1 and will be hoping to mainatin their top flight status where they label themselves as the ' Pride of the East'. The enigmatic Aachen have been involved in a few thrillers this term. A few games back they made an attempt to play more defensively and were involved in a couple of low scoring affairs. However, they appear to have reverted to type just recently and judging by what coach Michael Frontzeck is saying on the club website, where he predicts that todays game will be an ' absolute battle' , there is every reason to believe that this will be a high scoring affair, as it is hard to see the visitors keeping a clean sheet, and equally difficult not to see them scoring.

Cottbus 0 Aachen 2 - 3pts

3pts BORUSSIA MONCHENGLADBACH 1.18/1 ( Betfair) v Hertha Berlin Bundesliga 1

Gladbach find themselves at the foot of the table predominantly because of their away form. In fact, at home they have only lost four of their eleven matches, and there are six teams who have performed worse at home this term. The visitors have a well publicised list of absentee's today, have only won once on the road this season, and will probably be unable to hold out against rivals who will see this as very much a ' must win' match, with other teams near to them in the table rallying at the moment.

Gladbach 3 Hertha 1 + 3.54 pts