Monday, 5 February 2007

3 pts TSV 1860 MUNICH ( 0.72/1 Betfair) v Wacker Burghausen Bundesliga 2

These maximum 3 pt selections are letting me down at the moment! Nevertheless, anyone who watched the live TV encounter between these two sides earlier in the season can only contemplate one result. Despite being at home, it took Burghausen as long as 35 minuites to make any sort of controlled, meaningful move inside their opponents territory. They are of course better than that and have managed to win away at Wolfsburg since. Furthermore, they have made a go of this fixture in the past. But in reality, they are there for the taking tonight. TSV have a 6 from 9 success race at home this season - their 4-0 beating of Aue before the winter pause showing what they are capable of. They are overpriced on Betfair at the moment ( in fact they've traded as high as 0.78/1 earlier) and should win this decisively.

TSV 5 Wacker 1 + 2.16 pts