Monday, 22 January 2007

3 pts win FC HANSA ROSTOCK (1.85 Betfair) v SC Freiburg Bundesliga 2

A disappointing start to the Bundesliga bets for the year - at these prices we need at least a 50% S/R just to break even. However, I'm confident we'll end up in profit at the end of the season and we can get back on the winning trail with Hansa tonight. Both these teams see themselves as belonging in the top division. But Freiburg have failed to impress, and while you can find some fine bits of form from them - such as their away victory against Kaiserslautern, they are performing poorly at present, and a journey to the Ostseestadion is probably the one that all of the teams in Bundesliga 2 relish least of all. At present, Hansa are making a name for themselves with their actual football as opposed to the exploits of the large number of nutcases who follow the club around. They have a 6W, 2D home record this season and are confidently expected to take all three points in tonight's live Tv (DSF) encounter.

HR 0 Freiburg 1 - 3pts